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ISS Document Management is a system to store, manage and track documents, capable of keeping a record of various versions created and modified by different users.

Feature Highlights:

* Work on Internet in your own server or data center
  • multiple company
  • multiple project
  • multiple user

* Documents are kept according to
  • project space
  • department space
  • company space

* Only team members of the space can access the document

* Build a version history for each document with check-out and check-in tracking

* Audit trail on each document

* Confidential document/folder setting available for the administrator of the space

* Onsite users can take photo with smart phone and post to project immediately with date and time recorded. All other teams members can view at real time.


* Workflow Module
   Put the document into approval process

* Discussion Module
   Discussion on each document



Management will have a peace of mind as all document including onsite information are kept in one and secured place

All team members can seamlessly work among themselves as they can track and trace the progress anytime anywhere

Project-in-Charge can respond fast with real time information

Enhance productivity and profitability

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