ISS Project Management System

everyone can work together from any place

Empower your work online

ISS Project Management Software focused on managing projects from proposal, negotiation, planning to completion. It provides the management, project managers, core team members, external stakeholders and customers a secured virtual workspace to work together to finish the projects seamlessly.

You can subscribe to our monthly plan or you can own a private cloud in your dedicated place.

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Benefits Highlights


A template of successful project process gives your client the confidence to place repeat orders. Project templates of specific product type illustrate your ability in handling those new projects for new clients..


All parties get into the same place to work together and no need to check all those looped emails. Thus all participants are on the same page on documents, concerned issues, discussions, agreed timeline, tasks responsibility …


Project-in-charge oversee all the key steps of running the projects, from design to protocol. She/He can check out any abnormality easily and use the function of approval process to ensure the quality and success of each project.